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Introducing the TBS Black Widow Saddle: A Brazilian Masterpiece


Embark on an equestrian journey like no other with the TBS Black Widow Saddle, meticulously crafted over six months to captivate and awe.

This isn't just a saddle; it's the realization of a dream, a design that commands attention and prompts the awe-inspired question: "What am I seeing?"


Our journey of relentless brainstorming and dedicated craftsmanship has culminated in this masterpiece now arriving on our shores. The Black Widow is the embodiment of Brazilian spirit and innovation, a saddle we're honored to unveil.


Luxury Meets Performance: Adorned in the finest automotive-grade black leather and paired with top-tier neoprene, the Black Widow is both a statement of style and an instrument of unmatched comfort. The striking red Ferrari seat not only serves as a nod to excellence but also crowns the saddle with its distinctive Black Widow aesthetic.


Exclusive TBS Innovations: At its core lies the exclusive TBS wooden saddle tree, offering a lifetime guarantee of durability. This revolutionary design is complemented by the TBS Ergonomic Saddle Horn, a feature unique to this model, promising unparalleled riding support.


We invite you to experience the passion and dedication that have been imbued into every fiber of the Black Widow. As the latest addition to the TBS Saddle family, it stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence — for those who demand nothing but the best.


Limited Edition Offering: In keeping with its exclusivity, only 10 Black Widow Saddles will be handcrafted each month. This isn't just a purchase; it's an investment in artistry and performance.


Join the elite circle of riders who understand that a TBS Saddle isn't just part of the ride—it's the heart of it.


Seize the Moment: The Black Widow awaits to transform your riding experience. Will you be one of the fortunate few to harness its power?

Exclusive Black Widow Saddle


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