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Hand Made with Only the BEST QUALITY


Handmade Quality

Our current production all fall under  ‘Light Weight Saddles’. This means that they are made of a combination of leather and neoprene. 

Argentina leather using only the loin from the hide as this is the strongest and most consistent portion of the hide.

The neoprene in our saddles is also the best we can find. While many manufacturers chose to save money and purchase neoprene in rolls, we know that you cannot get the density we require in a roll.  It must be purchased as a sheet.

Brazilian Hardwood Tree - We use a wood tree because the saddle parts are held together with screws.  Screws tend to wiggle lose and come apart with normal wear and tear on fiberglass tree.

We wait until the tree is completely dry and double check to ensure there is absolutely no twist before it passes our standards and moves into production.

It takes 30 days process to perfect. We do not rush the process. If you rush the process, you are likely to end up with a twisted, ill fitting tree.

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